Game availability

Start with the fun is now easy; you can play Live Three Card Poker on a variety of casinos online. The platforms have been perfected to have the best access in a laptop, computer PC or Mac; as well as, in mobile phones and Ipad, iPhone or any Android platform.

So, there is no excuse to miss the celebration and enjoy a very interesting game against the house with a live dealer, to get wonderful bonuses, using only three cards and a bit of luck.

To get started

The game is based on several players developing the moves, competing at the same time in the same virtual table and having as an opponent an online dealer, so they do not play as rivals, but against the casino.

The number of players has no limits, to start a game requires the dealer to have available the “Queen”, which is the highest card, having the possibility to pay from 100 to 1 when a pair is selected.

Also, there are multiple ways to obtain excellent profits, using only three letters. To increase the odds of obtaining extraordinary payments on the day, you should look for options to bet on bonuses rated as special.

Among the best alternatives to get these payments, is a bet in which 6 cards are used, also, you can take advantage of the bet that is made at the beginning and, finally, we must consider the bet called Pair Plus.

For the development of Live Three Card Poker, a unique and normal deck game is used, which is made up of 52 decks. During the development of the game, the cards are shuffled after each of the rounds ends.

To have an advantage and improve the hand, which is composed of five decks, the player must use the three initial cards and add three decks provided by the dealer, thus making a bet, where you get a bonus for those six cards.

To make a profit, a combination of 3 cards of the same class must be made, once this combination is made. It will begin to increase payments and greater profits will be obtained.

As for bets known as Pair Plus, the winnings are obtained when the player gets a pair. If this move can be improved, it will be victorious regardless of the decks that the dealer has.

There is a bonus, which is called Ante, in which you must land by making a ladder. If that play is improved, the winner will be of the player, regardless of the hand in which the dealer is positioned.




To win a hand:

  • The cards that are used to play Three Card Poker, are the normal Decks composed of 52 cards, in which the wild cards are excluded.
  • After each of the rounds ends, the dealer proceeds to shuffle the cards.
  • When assembling a compound hand with three decks, the value rises more than the card composed of three decks. The reason is simple, there is less chance of achieving the ladder with three decks with a ladder than one with only three cards.
  • Each card has a ranking descending, starting from the Ace, both high and low, following with the King, then the Queen, the Jack, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3 ending with the 2. Being the major deck the Ace, A, K, Q and those that are worthless are 3, 2, A.
  • When the dealer and the player have equal hands, the one with the highest value deck wins. If they have three Kings and Queens, placing Q, J, 10 over 10, 9, 8, they win.

Win Three Card Poker:

  • The most convenient cards for the Mini Royal are the ace, the queen and the king.
  • The Straight Flush hand is composed of three consecutive decks, which belong to equal suits; that is, the Jack, the King, the Queen of Diamonds.
  • Three of a Kind hand has three lowers of the same category. Three cards of Kings of a single class must be collected, with the most valuable being those who win the rounds.
  • The straight lines have three consecutive decks with two suits of a different The classification of the two lines is made, comparing the largest deck of both lines. When a high card appears in two lines having the same suit, they do not separate and they are worth the same.
  • The pair has two decks of the same category and a different one. The highest category pair prevails over the lowest. When there are equal pairs, the Kickers decide who wins.
  • On the High Card, there are three different decks and the card with the highest value wins. These letters do not present the rules that have been mentioned above. Basically, it is not necessary to make a hand as such, the only requirement to have a High Card is to have the highest value card.

Win a bonus with 6 decks:

  • The ladder is real when it has colors of Ace, Queen, King, Jack and 10 inside the stick.
  • In order for a ladder to be colored, he must have five decks of equal and consecutive suits. By getting cards that go from nine to five and all of the Hearts, has made a straight flush.
  • The four with one class has four decks of the same category and another. If there are quads with high-value decks, they win the minors in the classification. If you manage to collect four decks of Aces in one hand, then you have four of them corresponding to a Class.
  • Full house has three similar decks and two similar ones. When there are two hands of full houses, the highest value of the group of three decks wins. When three cards are identified with the king and a pair of decks of six, you get a full h
  • The straight has five decks of the same category consecutively and with, at least, two suits of different classification. When you meet from nine to five and you get more than two suits, you get straight. Two lines are divided if you compare the most valued deck of all. When there are two straights of the same high deck, they are considered to have equal value, because they are not distinguished by suits.